The weather sure has been a bit of a yo-yo this spring, warm for a few days and then snowflakes falling again (ugh!). Although we have lots of annuals and vegetables in stock already, we recommend you don't put them in the ground until the soil warms up - they will grow and thrive much more quickly. Keep an eye on the frost report and bring your hanging baskets, planters & tropical plants in if the overnight temps look to be lower than 7°C.

In the meantime, the cool weather is perfect for planting trees, shrubs, roses, vines, and perennials. We have tons of selections of those in stock, so pay us a visit - our friendly associates are standing by to help you make selections that will work the best in your garden!

It's also a great time to look after your lawn by fertilizing, overseeding and adding topsoil. Grass grows best in the spring and fall so a little extra work now pays off in the long run!

We are also loaded up on all kinds of garden decor, plant supports, soils & mulches, tools, fertilizers and more to help you make your outdoors great for the summer - when it finally arrives!

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