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Finding Help
Sites we find useful for solving garden problems

Feb. 11, 2021

At Rekker’s we have a reputation for helping our customers with all their garden problems - we try, at any rate! We get questions in person, by phone, by facebook message and by email. We do our best to answer them all but we often need a little extra help finding just the right answers for you. And what we generally turn to for help these days is, of course, the internet!


If you like to do your own research you can run a google search and then try to sift through all the results to find the answer that is both legit and helpful - often very time-consuming. So to help you, here are just a few of our favourite websites, blogs, YouTube channels and facebook groups that we find useful for gleaning more info and turning us into better gardeners.


Perennial plants & shrubs info:

Heritage Perennials

Connon Nurseries


Gardening info and articles:

Gardening Know How


Old Farmers Almanac

Plant toxicity to pets

Durham Master Gardeners


Ask an expert:

Royal Botanical Gardens

Toronto Master Gardeners

Master Gardeners of Ontario Facebook Group


Blogs & YouTube Channels:

Houseplant Journal

The Laidback Gardener

Garden Answer

Plants, Pots & What-Nots


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