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Ask us about these categories and we will do our best to find the ones you want...



We have a full line of seeds for vegetables, herbs, annual flowers, and perennial plants.



We have a nice selection of popular houseplants, including succulents, snake plant, peace lily, peperomia, monstera, and more! Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to find it for you!


Lawn Care

Grass seed in 4 different mixes: Sun & Shade, Overseeding, Shade, Watersaver
Sold by the kilogram, $10.99. 1 kg covers approximately 600 sq.ft. Let us know how much you want and which mix.

Scotts Green Max lawn food, 5.7 kg bag covers 3700 sq. feet. $24.99

Scotts Grub Bgon Max grub killer uses micro-organisms to destroy grubs from June Bugs, Japanese Beetles, and more. Covers 1000 sq. feet. $39.99

And more...

Plant food, tools, pots, indoor plant soils, plant supports, gift cards

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