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How our guarantee works

All hardy flowering shrubs, evergreens, vines, trees and perennials are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase, providing the plant has been properly maintained and planted in the ground. 

Roses are guaranteed until October 31st of the year of purchase.

Credit issued
All returns must be accompanied by the brochure containing the original plant tags and cash register receipt. 

A credit will be issued for the price paid. No refunds or replacements.

Important note
Rekker’s Garden Centre is not responsible for damage or loss caused by animals, insects, disease, severe weather (flooding, hail, frost, etc.), neglect, or improper planting.

For planting and care tips visit our Know and Grow section or click here.

To make a return


Assess your plant
On woody plants, try the scratch test: carefully scratch off some bark on one of the stems to see if there is firm green or white underneath. Try bending a twig to see if it snaps and is brittle or still flexible. 


Look for new shoots or buds forming at the base of the plant or perhaps coming from the roots.

Please don’t dig up your plants to return them until end of May (or later for some things). They may just be late to bud out. We will honour your guarantee until the end of June if originally purchased in April or May. 

Call ahead or bring in photos and talk to one of our associates about whether your plant can be revived.

To get a credit
Dig up the dead plant and bring it to the store with your original plant tags and cash register receipt which should be stapled inside a guarantee brochure. Bring your return to the nursery department and an associate will assist you.

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