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How to place an order 

  1. Click on the buttons to find the pictures and/or lists of item(s) we have available.
    Email your list to us and be specific: use the same names we use. Include a quantity.
    If a colour choice is offered, please indicate which you would like. Please keep in mind that if we can't get you the colour you want, we may have to substitute a similar colour.
    If you want something that's not listed, ask and we might be able to get you that too!


  2. Please include your name & phone number.
    Make/model/colour of vehicle that you will be picking up with.
    Send it to
    It may take up to 24 hours (or next business day) to fill your order.


  3. When the order is ready, we will call you with your total and to get your credit card information.
    We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Visa-Debit only.
    At that time we will figure out a pickup time that works for you.


  4. Drive over at your pickup time, back into one of our numbered spots, pop your trunk/hatch/tailgate and wait in your vehicle.
    We will bring out your order and receipt and put it in your car for you.


That's it! Be patient, this is a new way to do business for us and we are learning as we go!

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