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All vegetable plants come in 6-packs. $2.99

This is just a few of what will be offered later in the month or in May. It is still too cold to plant these outside, especially the tomatoes which should only be planted outside when all risk of frost is past and the soil is thoroughly warm - generally end of May. The others are cold-loving and can be planted out sooner (end of April), but must be hardened off first (put outside for a few hours each day to acclimatize them).



Cabbage - Early
Cabbage - Late
Cabbage - Red
Cabbage - China Pride

Onion - Red
Onion - Yellow Sweet Spanish


Tomato - Better Boy
Tomato - Early Girl
Tomato - Health Kick
Tomato - Celebrity
Tomato - Roma
Tomato - Sweet 100 (cherry)
Tomato - Sweet Gold (cherry)
Tomato - Champion II
Tomato - Lemon Boy

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