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Adding Roses to Your Garden

May 9, 2023

Who doesn't love a beautiful rose? The fragrance, the full petals, so many different styles and colours... there's always room to add a rose to your garden. Forget what you may have heard about how they are difficult to grow because they aren't!  

If you want truly easy-care roses, try shrub or landscape varieties. Also you could plant varieties from the Parkland series, Explorer series, or the 49th Parallel series, all of which are bred for the Canadian climate and require little extra care.


Hybrid tea roses, floribunda, grandiflora and climbing roses are also not too difficult to grow successfully. Here's a few tips to help them be healthy and overwinter in your garden...

  • Plant your rose deeply. The graft point (where the branches meet the root stock) should be at least 4” underground.

  • Use rich soil like triple mix or add manure or compost to your flowerbed.
    Top dress with manure every 2-3 years.

  • Water deeply after planting and make sure it is not allowed to dry out too much.

  • Roses prefer sun but make sure they get extra water in very hot areas.

  • To stimulate more blooms, cut stems back  to a full leaf after flowers are spent.

  • Give your roses lots of space for good air flow to discourage fungal diseases.

  • Prune in spring to remove dead or weak canes and cut live canes back to just above a new leaf bud.

  • Keeping your rose healthy through the growing season gives it a better chance of surviving winter.

For more help growing roses, drop by for a visit and ask one of our nursery associates.

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