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Enjoy fall in your garden

Sept. 15, 2022

Fall is not the end of garden season... we can still enjoy our outdoors with firepits, patio heaters, blankets and warm drinks. Many shrubs and perennials will keep blooming until after frost and the coloured leaves on our trees and shrubs make fall gardens the most beautiful of all.


To extend your gardening season, here's a few things you can do:

  • Add more ornamental grasses, fall blooming perennials and colourful shrubs & evergreens. Our nursery department still has some great plants and our fall sales will make it worth your while!​​

  • Add some bulbs for spring bloom. You may not see the results until next year but planting is very satisfying and gives you something to look forward to!

  • Resist cutting back perennials until after frost has killed the foliage. Cutting plants back only encourages plants to grow new shoots which will then be killed by the coming frost, possibly damaging the plant. Instead, consider leaving spent flower heads to produce seeds for birds to eat and to create interest in winter when they catch the snow.

  • Throw some more grass seed on your lawn to take advantage of the warm fall days and the extra rain which will help it grow and thicken up your turf. Pull weeds after it rains when the ground is soft!

  • Allow the falling leaves to lay on the ground and run your lawn mower over them to mulch them and then rake them into your garden beds as winter protection. In the spring, they will break down and add nutrients to your gardens!


Above all, remember to take the time to go out and enjoy your outdoor spaces for as long as you can before winter drives us inside!

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