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Our Favourite Perennials

June 9, 2022

In celebration of June being officially designated as Perennial Month, our staff members share their top picks for the perennial garden.

False Indigo - 
Baptisia australis

I love baptisia because it forms a beautiful, large, bushy clump. The flowers are gorgeous, but when it is done blooming the foliage continues to shine. I even use the leaves in my cut flower bouquets all season long!

Summer Phlox - 
Phlox maculata

The summer phlox is irresistible with a long blooming period and many colours to choose from. I love walking by a clump and inhaling the strong sweet fragrance of some of my varieties growing through my gardens.

Hummingbird Mint - Agastache

The plants I love most in my garden is Agastache Kudo series.  They seem flower nonstop from early summer well into the autumn and are easy to grow. I have orange and yellow varieties right now and will definitely add more colours as I can.  BONUS, the fragrant plumes attract both hummingbirds and butterflies. 

Stonecrop - Sedum

I really like the Sedums because of the large choice of textures and colour variations. They are one of the toughest plants that look great without a flower through heat and drought.

Toad Lily - Tricyrtis

Firstly the name just makes me smile. They have small, white to light purple blooms covered in very cool, vibrant purple spots. Even though it’s a shade to part shade plant it definitely shines as an unusual winner! Guaranteed to be a favorite of yours too.



The unique leaves are so nice grouped below the tall very pretty flowers. If deadheaded after first flush of flowers you will get a second flowering. The blue delphiniums are very close to a true blue.


Bee Balm - Monarda 

I love plants that attract the butterflies and bees. The pollinator plants are an important part of my garden. If you deadhead as blooms are finished, they will keep flowering for a while.


Shasta Daisy - Leucanthemum

The large single white daisies with a yellow eye remind me of long ago. We would see wild versions growing in fields and along the road side and pick a bouquet to take home for mom. Now I can enjoy them in my garden and still create a cut bouquet for mom. So easy to grow and the white clumps brighten up the gardens for sure.



In my family iris is a special plant with a generational connection. It has been shared from my great-grandmother’s garden to my grandmother’s and then to my mother’s. One day I hope to grow it in my garden too!


Catmint - Nepeta

I simply love Nepeta because the leaves smell like mint and it is a beautiful contrast of violet blooms against blue green foliage. It is very showy and well behaved, not taking over the garden. Also a reliable long bloomer.

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