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Getting to know Pothos & Scindapsus

August 29, 2022

pothos plant.jpg

Most people are familiar with the pothos plant, sometimes called Devil's Ivy. It's been around as a houseplant for decades and is a tough, trailing plant that is easy to grow. They tolerate lower light (they love a north window!) and only need water when the soil is mostly dry. 


If I asked you to picture a pothos, you would probably see a plant with long vines, either all-green or randomly streaked with yellow.  However, there are lots of other exciting varieties of pothos (epipremum) available and it's sister plant the silver pothos (scindapsus). The pothos family have shiny leaves, sometimes quite large and some varieties get fenestrations (cuts) similar to monstera leaves. Scindapsus have a matt finish to the leaves and silvery markings but still have the same vining growth habit as pothos.


Here's a few varieites to worth checking out:

Golden pothos – Dark green leaves with gold streaks, in very bright light can get large 

Neon pothos - Bright, lime green leaf

Marble Queen pothos - green leaves heavily speckled with white

Pearls & Jade pothos - White and green variegation, very pretty! 

Cebu Blue pothos – Smaller leaves with a greyish blue-green colouration; mature plants get fenestrations

Baltic Blue pothos – Less blue than Cebu but leaves show fenestrations sooner

Pictus scindapsus - silver spots on matt leaves

Silver Satin scindapsus – larger silver areas than Pictus

Moonlight scindapsus – shinier than the others, with a more subtle silver sheen and dark vein


Come on in and check out the pothos and Scindapsus plants, maybe you’ll find one that is just right for you!

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