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Caring for new perennials & shrubs

May 5, 2023

When to plant

New plants should be planted as soon as possible. If there is any delay, it’s important to store the plant out of full sun in a protected area and keep it well watered. Avoid planting in extreme heat waves or plant in the evening to give the plant all night to recover.

How to plant

Most trees, shrubs and perennials should be planted no deeper than in the pots they come in. Roses should be planted with the graft several inches below ground.

Dig a hole bigger than the pot and loosen the surrounding soil. Soil amendments may be added if the surrounding conditions are severe (ie. heavy clay) but the hole should be refilled with the original soil once the plant is in place.


Make sure to give the plant a deep soaking once in the ground and continue to give deep watering when it starts to dry out. The timing will depend on the plant, how hot it is and your soil, but check everyday for the first few weeks.

Many new plants will require extra water for most of their first season as their roots are still small. Adding a thick layer of mulch will help retain moisture.

Ask one of our nursery associates for additional planting help.

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