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Fall is a great time to garden!

Sept. 15, 2020

As our crazy, hot, dry summer winds down and
the cooler, fall weather sets in, now is the time
to get out into your yard and get to work!


September is a great time to plant, divide and
renovate your garden beds. The cool temper-
atures, sunny days and frequent showers make
for great planting conditions. There are many
deals to be had on perennials & shrubs as our
season comes to a close so it’s a good time to
add some new things. Moving or dividing per-
ennials in the fall prevents a lot of the transplant
shock caused by the heat of summer and allows the plants to settle in before next year’s hot season starts up again. As long as the soil is still workable, you can still plant!


September is also a good time for some lawn care. Pull as many weeds as you can before they set seed for next year and throw down some good quality grass seed so it has a few weeks to grow a before going dormant for the winter. This will help thicken up your lawn for spring and make it more difficult for weed seeds to find a place to grow.


And the best part about gardening in fall? It’s nice and cool for working and afterwards you can curl up on your porch and admire your work with a nice warm drink! 

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